For beachgoers these days, black is the new white, when it comes to beaches, anyway. Let’s face it -- sunning yourself on sugary white sand has become a bit of a vacay cliche. Basking on black sand? Now that’s beyond the pale! You can thank volcanoes for the decidedly gothic color of these often remote shorelines -- they are the result of chunks of lava that have been churned by the ocean into fine grains of obsidian sand. Here are a few beaches that might convince you to consider turning to the dark side on your next beach holiday.


01Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

You don’t have to suit up to enjoy black sand beaches, and Reynisfjara Beach is proof of that. With a series of striking basalt columns standing tall in the waters and a collection of craggy caves to explore, this incredible Icelandic shoreline is beautiful regardless of the weather. If you’re lucky, the Northern Lights might even give you a show. With all the natural beauty surrounding you, it’s tempting to become one with nature here, but just be wary of the waves crashing up against this beautiful beach -- the strong Atlantic currents that swirl around this Nordic nation is infamously fatal.

Reynisfjara black beach