One of the earliest records of what would become Blue Spring State Park comes from John Bartram, a botanist who visited the area in 1766 and marveled at the abundant beauty of the area. Today, visitors flock to this popular Florida park in every season to enjoy the many activities and amenities it offers. However, the unique nature of this gem sometimes requires some special planning.


01The Park Basics

Blue Spring State Park gets its name from one of the largest springs on the Saint John's River, which runs through the park. This spring was the reason for the park's creation, as it serves as a critical manatee habitat. About 165 million gallons of water flow from Blue Spring to the Saint John's river each day, and it remains a balmy 73 degrees Fahrenheit all year. While spring is the main attraction, the park also offers many other activities to enjoy.

Sable Palms Hang Over the Blue Springs as the Sun Rises sdbower / Getty Images