No trip to Florida's Universal Studios will be complete without a visit to their latest attraction - Volcano Bay. Dubbed a "Water Theme Park," this slide-filled, ride-filled extravaganza has something for everyone. Thrill-seekers love the multi-story slides and racing tubes, while the lazy river is best for those who wish to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Like all Universal theme parks, Volcano Bay is designed for the whole family, from tiny tots to grandparents. If you haven't been here yet - and it's only been open for a couple of years - you'll need an ultimate insiders guide to Volcano Bay.

01Getting to Volcano Bay


If you're familiar with the Universal Studios complex, you'll recognize the Universal Citywalk that is located outside of the parks. For those not staying in a Universal hotel, simply park in the regular Universal Orlando Resort parking complex adjacent to the CityWalk. Parking is not free, but there are free shuttles from the parking lot to Volcano Bay. You'll especially love these at the end of a long day of water slides! If you need to program your GPS, you can find Volcano Bay at 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando FL 32819.

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02The Volcano Bay Hotel Experience


Many people enjoy making their trip to Volcano Bay an inclusive experience. Complimentary bus transportation to the different theme parks is included for all Universal hotel guests, as well as breakfast and a luxurious guest room or suite. Universal has several official hotels, including the Cabana Bay Resort. Guests staying at any Universal hotel may use the dedicated entrance to Volcano Bay at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort, although it's most convenient for Cabana Bay guests. Simply show your room key to the security station and in you go!

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03Krakatau Volcano


The first thing to greet you is the monstrous Krakatau Volcano, stretching to the sky and dominating the center of Volcano Bay Water Park. You can climb the full 200 feet in the air - in fact; it's the largest mountain in Florida! This is the base for several different rides, as well as a spectacular scenic waterfall. Stick around at the park until dusk - Krakatau Volcano has amazing firey lava effects at night. Entrance to four thrilling slides is at the back.

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04Which Slide to Ride?


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There are four different rides on Krakatau Volcano:

  • Krakatau Aqua Coaster places you in a four-person canoe going first uphill then down and around in a splashing, thrilling roller coaster-like experience.
  • Ko'kiri Body Plunge drops you through a trapdoor at a 70-degree angle. You'll race 125 feet down into a wave pool full of happy swimmers
  • Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides provide fun where the sea and sky met. Twin drop doors send two riders racing through twin tubes down to the wave pool below. The tubes are clear, so every guest in the park can see the fun!
  • Punga Racers send four different children along a four-lane slide on manta ray splash pads. It's a race through underwater caves to the finish, with a prize to the winner from Punga himself!

05The Wave Village


The Wave Village is located at the base of Krakatau Volcano. It's a great place to relax in a comfortable deck chair and enjoy the sunshine, watching riders and sliders race by in front of you. The Waturi Beach wave pool is at the base of the volcano and is where several of the water slides end. There are options to upgrade to a private cabana, as well as places to purchase food and beverages. The Reef, a leisure pool nearby, is peaceful and more low key - no water slide rides end here.

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06The Rainforest Village


Nestled along the shores of a lazy river, Rainforest Village offers guests spots for relaxation and exhilaration. Enjoy the saucer-like rafts of the Maku Puihi ride - bob along with a friend and soak up the rays! Look out for the twists and turns - while the ride isn't as fast as thrilling as the water slides, it does have a couple of exciting twists and turns. There are four other fun experiences at Rainforest Village, too.

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07Rainforest Rides


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Rainforest Village offers four exciting rides:

  • The Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides send riders racing through intertwining tubes to drop 4 to 6 feet above the water! This is only recommended for good swimmers, due to the steep plunge at the end
  • TeAwa the Fearless River is a fast-moving float experience. There are several entrance and exit points, so you don't have to ride the entire thing
  • The Maori of Easter Island inspires taniwha Tubes. Riders have one and two-person rafts that send them down the slides
  • Puka Uli Lagoon is a sandy beach for tadpoles and their families to rest and relax. They can enter the TeAwa River from there too

08River Village for Tiny Tots


Little ones have a special place at Volcano Bay. It's called River Village and offers things that are just the right size for little swimmers. The lazy river that winds throughout the park is fun for people of all ages - although small children must have an adult to ride with them. The Tot Tiki Reef offers a splash pad and fun characters, all with just enough thrills for little bodies. There are child-sized slides and even a small volcano!

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09Enhance Your Volcano Bay Experience


You can enhance your Volcano Bay experience with technology. The Universal Volcano Bay TapuTapu Wearable solves two of the biggest challenges of theme parks: carrying your tubes and standing in long lines with the tubes. The wearable device clips to your wrist, and you'll wear it all day. To "get in line" for a ride, simply tap your wearable against the ride's screen. When your turn is up, you'll receive an alert. In the meantime, relax in the sun or grab a bite to eat. Bear in mind that you can only reserve one ride at a time so choose wisely!

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10Where to Eat and Drink at Volcano Bay


There's no way that you can experience a full day at Volcano Bay on an empty stomach! The Kohola Beef Restaurant serves delicious pulled pork sandwiches and is great if you'd like to sit down for a meal. Enjoy a fruit adult beverage at the Dancing Dragons Boat Bar - or just a virgin fruit punch. The Bambu food stand offers quick snacks like a pretzel or chips, while the Feasting Frog offers tasty fare from the islands, like poke bowls and fried plantains.

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