America has a rich history with humble beginnings — and a few dark secrets in its past. Not everyone believes in the ghost stories that shape their communities, but that doesn't mean that the ghosts can't tell a few tales of their own. From the East Coast to the West, some states stand out as harboring an unusual amount of paranormal activity. Did your home state get on the list? Find out which are the most haunted and where you have the best chances of witnessing supernatural phenomena.



The Deep South is home to some of the oldest communities in America and the earliest of Louisiana Bayou legends. Former plantations that once thrived along the Mississippi River are reminders of the human cost of that success. Stories claim that the souls of slaves still haunt the area. In New Orleans, the LaLaurie Mansion has a particularly gruesome history courtesy of the home's original owner. Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie secretly tortured and dismembered slaves in the three-story house. The townspeople ran her out of town after learning of her violent tendencies. Still, that hasn't stopped the paranormal activity that continues to this day.

Louisiana Bayou Country EdoTealdi / Getty Images