Spooky destinations aren’t suited to everyone. But for those they are, visiting a location with a haunting history makes any vacation way more interesting. Luckily, there isn’t a single country on earth that doesn’t have its fair share of supernatural tales. Whether it’s the woman in white that roams the halls of a castle or UFOs over the desert, there’s something for every lover of the paranormal. Some of the most haunted places in the world are also the most beautiful. So if your other half is into ghosts and you’re not, these spots can still be worth the trip.


01Poveglia Island, Venice

Venice is famous for its lagoons; for streets that you need to use bridges or boat to cross. However, just off its coast is a tiny island that is definitely haunted. That island is Poveglia. The townsfolk constructed the island as a quarantine outpost for Venetians who were living with the plague. According to legend, 50% of the soil is actually human remains. In its more recent past, a sanitorium was also opened on the island. Although it's now illegal for visitors to set foot on the island, Poveglia can still be seen from the shore.

Island of Sadness and Horror Marco Secchi / Getty Images