The Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches In The World
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The Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches In The World

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For some, the ultimate vacation includes bright blue seas, gorgeous sunshine, and golden sands. If that's your idea of heaven, but you want something a little more unique, why not consider going somewhere a little different. Several beaches around the world come Instagram ready, with their own stunning pink sand. So whether you want to tap into the unspoiled geographical glory of Indonesia, or soak up some ancient culture in Greece, you truly can have it all.


01 Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

pink beach bermuda Orchidpoet / Getty Images

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the world, Horseshoe Bay Beach is a glorious expanse of pink blush beach. Found in Bermuda's South Shore Park, this is a beach that has everything - from a stunning coastal trail to world-class snorkeling. An incredible place to sit and unwind, Bermuda is legendary for offering the best of beach vacations.


02 Harbour Island, Bahamas

Rüdiger Stehn on

The Pink Sand Beach of Harbour Island in the Bahamas gets its striking color thanks to the pink and red shells of tiny coral insects. This also gives the beach a particular cool feeling as you walk along the epic shoreline. The waters in the area are reef-protected waters, and this means you can enjoy snorkeling in the area and visit the living reefs.


03 Elafonisi, Greece

pink beach elafonisi crete lucianbolca / Getty Images

Elafonisi is an island close to the Grecian island of Crete. In fact, the peninsula is connected to Crete, and when the tide is out, and the weather is fine, you can walk from Elafonisi to Crete. The pink sand beaches here are formed thanks to pigmented microorganisms that the tide brings in and deposits on the beach, leaving a vibrant pink residue. The island of Elafonisi also boasts a stunning cedar forest and some beautiful secluded beaches.


04 Komodo Island, Indonesia

pink beach indonesia fototrav / Getty Images

Komodo National Park in Indonesia is part of the famous Coral Triangle. This area contains some of the most diverse biodiversity on earth and enjoys a stunning pink hue on the beach. The color of the sand shows up as pink as the white sand is combined with Foraminifera red sand. The park is also home to the protected Komodo dragon.


05 Crane Beach, Barbados

crane island barbados vale_t / Getty Images

Of the things you can enjoy on Crane Beach, you can see beautiful pink sands and incredible waves - perfect for those who like to surf or boogie board. The Crane Resort is famous as the oldest continuously operating hotel in the Caribbean. This hotel also has its own beach, and a glass-fronted beach elevator to take guests down to the shore.


06 Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

pink beach phillipines Joppi / Getty Images

To get to Great Santa Cruz Island, you'll have to take a boat. The gorgeous pink sands take their color from red organ pipe coral. The island is a great one for people who love to snorkel or scuba dive, as the water is brilliantly clear. However, the island has very few on-site facilities, but there is a small village on the island.


07 Elbow Beach, Bermuda

pink sand elbow beach kosukeyuki / Getty Images

The pink sands of Elbow Beach, Bermuda, are an ideal place to visit if you want to take part in some excellent swimming action. The coral reefs just off the shore protect the area from severe waves. All along the south coast of Bermuda and the one-mile stretch of Elbow Beach, you'll find a fantastic array of bars and restaurants.


08 Pink Beach, Bonaire Island

pink beach bonaire island Alexis Gonzalez / Getty Images

The Caribbean Island of Bonaire has a stunning rose-tinted narrow beach, which was caused by crushed pink shells. The island is famous for its incredible views and its even more for the incredible snorkeling and scuba diving conditions. This is because there are well-preserved coral reefs within easy swimming distance.


09 Pachia Ammos, Crete

pacchia ammos crete barmalini / Getty Images

Surrounded by mountains, the world famous Pachia Ammos beach in Crete is known for being gold and pink. It's a popular tourist destination, so the beach has a lot of bars and restaurants to enjoy watching a sunset. Crete is packed full of historic sites, including a stunning church in a cave and some impressive ruins.


10 Budelli Island, Sardinia

budelli beach sardinia alanphillips / Getty Images

Budelli Island, just off the northern coast of Sardinia, is known locally as "Spiaggia Rosa."The island itself is almost completely deserted - in fact, only one person lives on the place. The beach was featured in the movie "Red Desert" and can only be seen from boat thanks to regulations that are trying to keep the color vibrant. However, aside from the vibrant color, the area is also excellent for dolphin and whale watching.


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