The Best Places to Visit in Winter

Some people love the cold and spend their days playing in the snow while others can't wait to escape the freezing weather and head to warm, sunny beaches. There are many fantastic winter destinations around the world to fit your wants. Whatever your feelings about winter, you are sure to find your perfect winter vacation destination in the list below.



There is certainly something magical about the eternal city of Rome, and the city shows off its best side in the winter months. Hotel prices tend to be lower in winter, and the sites are less crowded. Pack a warm coat and head out to see some of the famous sites of Rome such as Vatican City and the Colosseum. In the evening, enjoy a plate of pasta and a glass of excellent wine to help you warm up. winterbelenox / Getty Images


Those that are seeking a warm holiday with a touch of culture and the opportunity to see some amazing sites should head to Dubai. The city is home to the world's tallest tower, largest shopping mall, an indoor ski resort, and some of the best shopping on the planet. Spend your days relaxing on the golden beaches, riding camels in the nearby desert, and diving beneath the depths of the warm waters of the gulf. travelling in winterDieterMeyrl / Getty Images


The island of Oahu and the state capital of Honolulu manage to blend spectacular scenery and high-end luxury better than any of the other islands of Hawaii. In the surrounding area, you will find interesting historic and cultural sites such as ornate traditional Iolani Palace and the haunting monument to the USS Arizona. Spend your days relaxing on the warm sands or trying your hand at surfing in the crystal clear water. winter vacationsArt Wager / Getty Images

04Quebec City

Quebec City is the quintessential winter holiday with picture-perfect snow-covered scenes around every corner. In 2008 the city celebrated its 400th birthday, and the locals are very proud of the French origin of their city. Pass through the fortified walls of Old Quebec, and you will find yourself in 18th century France. The locals speak French, all the signs are in French, and the architecture is very French. In winter you can take part in lots of fun outdoor activities such as ice-fishing or skating in a local park. Pack your warm clothes as the temperature is generally well below freezing.


The Capital City of New Zealand, Auckland is often referred to as the City of Sails and is the most cosmopolitan part of the country. Auckland is a blend of volcanic islands, towering skyscrapers, and stunning beaches. Those that love adventure can go bungee jumping off the highest building in the city, The Sky Tower. Foodies will love the interesting and varied cuisine found around the city. countries to travel in wintergeorgeclerk / Getty Images


Experience the cultural traditions of Spain such as flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and the all-important Siesta. Walk along the historic cobbled streets taking in the sites created by the Jewish, Moorish, and Christian influences on the region. Retire to a streetside cafe to indulge in a variety of Tapas and a bottle of the local wine. The warmth of the Spanish people and the stunning beauty of the surrounding countryside will stay with you long after your winter vacation has ended. getting away for the wintersilverjohn / Getty Images

07Rio de Janeiro

Situated at the side of a bay harbor you will find the marvelous city of Rio de Janerio. The city is lined with picture-perfect beaches, lush jungles, and towering mountains. Admire the 125-foot tall statue of Christ the Redeemer that stands high above the beaches of the city. Spend your days relaxing on the beach, dancing in the many bars that fill the city, and eating the local cuisine. winter destinationsrmnunes / Getty Images

08Serengeti National Park

Head to the Serengeti National Park for the ultimate African safari experience. People have been describing this part of the world as a true paradise for over a hundred years. This 5700 square mile park is situated in northern Tanzania and is home to more animals than you could ever hope to see. There are currently over 2000 lions in the park, and you are very likely to see one of these magnificent creatures on your vacation. The Serengeti is home to the great migration, an event that occurs every year when thousands of animals migrate in search of greener pastures. winter vacation planningjacobeukman / Getty Images


Breckenridge is a popular ski resort town in the state of Colorado. Just 40 miles south of the famous town of Vail but with a much friendlier atmosphere and more affordable resorts. In the winter months, you will find a wide variety of ski runs for every level from beginner to expert. There are plenty of ski schools for those wanting to learn how to speed down the slopes. In the evening you will find plenty of bars and restaurants offering drinks and food to help you warm up after a day on the slopes. go south in the winterAdventure_Photo / Getty Images


Phuket is the place that people dream of traveling to thanks to its white sand beaches and clear, warm water. This little piece of paradise is an hour-long flight from the capital city of Bangkok. Experience the beautiful Buddhist temples on the island and the truly unique and delicious local cuisine. winter destinations around the worldprimeimages / Getty Images

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