Six Flags Over Texas opened in 1961 with the six flags representing six countries that have flown their flag over Texas at some point in history. Originally, there was an area reflecting each nation with rides and attractions that matched that country’s theme. Today, Six Flags Over Texas has a total of 10 areas with different themes to ensure there’s something for everyone. The park is constantly unveiling new rides and hosts many special events to ensure there is always something exciting happening.


01Thrill Rides

Some of the most popular rides at Six Flags Over Texas are the thrill rides. Currently, there are 19 rides that provide some of the fastest, craziest, and most fun experiences in the country. Dive Bomber Alley allows park visitors to experience the thrill of skydiving when they leap off of a 16-story arch. As a protective cable slows their fall, they will swing forward and soar over the park at speeds that are sure to excite. Titan is one of the most famous thrill rides and hypercoasters in the world. It features a massive 255-foot drop that allows riders to reach speeds of 85 mph. Following the immense drop are multiple back-to-back 540-degree spirals that twist and spin riders around the track.

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