Hollywood didn't invent breathtaking train rides. A lot of blockbuster movies have great train scenes, but those are usually based on real routes. Anyone can book an amazing train trip. Some train routes are more expensive than others, but the higher cost usually translates to exquisite luxury when it comes to train rides. Also, train travel is one of the most sustainable forms of travel. That means that riders can get amazing views while moving from destination to destination, without worrying about their carbon footprint.

01The Orient Express

The legendary Venice Simplon Orient Express is ready to depart from Ruse Railway station in a cloudy day.

This isn't the original Orient Express, which ran from Paris to Istanbul. The modern version of this route starts in London and ends in Venice. Riders are treated to Europe's charming countryside, but the real jaw-dropper is the train itself. It's been designed with all the luxury and glamour of the original Orient Express.