Maximize Your Time At Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is a fantastic adventure for the whole family. While your kids are going to have a blast regardless, you should also enjoy yourself. Part of your enjoyment is happy kids. Maximizing your time at Universal Studios Hollywood is key to the enjoyment of all. Don't expect the kids to take the time to read this. You, however should. These ten tips can save you money and time while maximizing your time.


01Buy Your Tickets In Advance


There are many off-market sites to buy your tickets from before your arrival. Universal Studios is not trying to milk you unless you sit down with the stool. Wasting your time in line is something that shouldn't need to be said. Waiting in line at Universal Studios will see a dent in your credit card, rather than a thank you from your kids, which you deserve.


02Eat Breakfast Before Arrival


You can always bring a pack of Milk-Duds into a movie theater without a stop at the concession stand. Breakfast has long been regarded as the most important meal of the day. This is a super-salient point when it comes to a day filled with adrenaline and kids. You need the energy to get through this and a day with the sun shining.


03Universal Studios Hollywood Is Closed Half The Year


This is far from the case; more to the point if you wish to maximize your time at Universal Studios, you should essentially rule out half of the year. Los Angeles is not a small city so at any time that you choose to visit you have millions of people to contend with from California alone potentially. If you live somewhere cold in the winter, that should be your window. Sunny Los Angeles, beats January Detroit all day. As a rule of thumb, you should just forget about the summer and avoid the week of any major or even minor holiday. Additionally, midweek is always the way to go year round.


04Arrive At The Park Early


Whatever time you think early is arrive an hour earlier than that. Firstly, traffic greatly reduced the earlier you set off for the park. Los Angeles is famous for its traffic for a reason. Los Angeles earned its reputation for horrible traffic in the 80s it's getting worse, not better. Bring a book, charge your phones to 100% and in the car ride to the studios and be earlier than earlier. You won't regret being in the front of the line. There is no such thing as a line if you and your family are first in line.


05Bring What Is Allowed

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Universal Studios makes a lot of money in concession sales. Somewhat surprisingly, there remain a number of items that they are fine with your bringing in with you. Bottles of water, baby food, along with fruit and vegetables are still permitted. Take advantage of this, and you will save a lot of money with these items alone. You're not cheap, you're bringing healthy snacks, and much needed hydrating water for the long day ahead of you. Don't worry; you're still not getting out cheap over the course of the day no matter the size of your family.


06Plan and Map Ahead


It may sound shameful to plan for your vacation. This is your time away from work and the daily grind. However, don't think this for a second. To enjoy and maximize your time, you need a plan. Download a printable map and make the park familiar to you before your arrival. It's also fun for a family to do individually and then collectively. It builds anticipation, and if you're going to separate at any point during the day, it provides for easy meetup options and the best way for everyone to see what they want to experience alone and enjoy together.


07Harry Potter First And Last


As discussed, you're best off getting there earlier than early. The reward for this for most entrants is a B-line to the soon to be long lines at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff. Both are fantastic and have earned the lines that are soon to form and remain until the end of the day. Once, you've enjoyed you're time with those, two look for additional rides that are not yet boasting long lines. Towards closing families have had enough and are either trying to beat traffic (good luck) or simply done with the day and you can return to shorter lines again to finish your day.


08After Harry Potter, It's Time For The Front Lot


The "Front Lot" is home to some of Universal Studios Hollywood's most popular rides and attractions. These include: "Jurassic Park - The Ride," "Revenge Of The Mummy - The Ride," "Transformers 3D" and others. The wait times on each of these are quite manageable early in the morning and also at lunchtime.


09Don't Forget The Shows (With No Lines)


The "Waterworld" and "The Special Effect" shows are must-sees late in the morning and provide excellent opportunities to sit down and enjoy together if the family had split to begin the day. These shows are truly spectacular and should not be missed. The rides run all day so consult the Studio's app and online schedule to make sure that they are not missed.


10Don't Forget That This Is a Studio Tour


Universal Studios has been part and parcel of Hollywood since movies became a reality. The Studio Tour should not be missed. This is as much part of The United States' history as Hollywoods and mid-afternoon is a perfect time which to enjoy. It's the hottest part of the day, your body will be screaming for a break right around this hour, and this is a fascinating way to rest before closing out your day with a few rides you planned to visit as the park begins to empty.


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