Australia is home to several popular tourist destinations, but much of the country's soul is in its small towns, outback pubs, and less-traversed beaches. A road trip through the country's rainforest, outback, and coastline gives you the opportunity to experience as much of Australia as possible. There are road trips that are well-worn and attract many visitors, and those that are quiet and only accessible by 4-wheel drive. All show you a unique slice of the Australian landscape and way of life.


01The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is probably the most famous road trip in Australia. It runs from Torquay to Allansford, hugging the Southern Ocean and passing the famous Twelve Apostles. It's possible to complete as a day trip, but three days gives you time to take in the rainforests, taste local produce, and explore quaint beach towns. Surfers may like to take longer so they can catch the waves at Bells Beach. A winter trip is less crowded, and you may even see whales as they migrate.

See the Twelve Apostles 4FR / Getty Images