All over the world, people are shelling out big money to sleep with shellfish, sharks, and more in a host of luxury hotels in some of the most luxurious global destinations.  Many guests have arrived at these hotels expecting a certain amount of claustrophobia to set in at some time during their stay only to find that the opposite occurred. These hotels highlight the fact that they are indeed underwater and include full wall glass windows, so you don't feel as claustrophobic as much as feel you're living in an aquarium. Not all of these hotels have underwater accommodation but at least have a submerged aspect to their property.


01Atlantis, The Palm (Dubai, UAE)

The Atlantis in Dubai is the ultimate in marine-themed getaways, with dolphin diving, a record-setting water park, and more to make sure you get your fill of the life aquatic. But, if you wish to take it to the next level the Poseiden and Neptune Suites offer floor-to-ceiling underwater views. There are 65,000 marine creatures that the Dubai Ambassador's Lagoon is stocked with for your pleasure.