The United States is full of amazing travel destinations, but one category that often goes unnoticed is the country's lakes. When you examine some of the country's greatest lakes, a huge diversity of bodies of water are represented. There are enormous freshwater lakes filled with fish and huge salty lakes with a higher salinity than the ocean. There are gorgeous natural lakes nestled high in the mountains or reservoirs that become local gathering places with lots of activities. Traveling the country one lake at a time is definitely not a bad way to see the United States.


01Crater Lake, Oregon

In a state that's not short on stunning scenery, Crater Lake in Oregon still stands out thanks to towering cliffs and amazingly blue water. The deepest lake in the United States, Crater Lake was formed when an ancient volcano, Mt. Mazama, collapsed in on itself to form a large volcanic crater called a caldera. It's located in Crater Lake National Park, which is open to visitors year-round, though most choose to visit during the warmer months due to the park's high elevation.

Crater Lake sunrise