Sure—New York City is famous for its art museums, architectural landmarks, and Broadway shows, but if you are planning to visit The Big Apple, be sure to come hungry! The restaurants and cafes of the city beckon travelers from all over the planet. NYC is world-famous for its diverse array of restaurants that represent nearly every cuisine in the world. While it’s tough to distill the city’s best eateries, these represent some eating hot spots that you simply don’t want to miss or your taste buds may never forgive you!



Masa is a 3-Michelin Star restaurant that features Japanese-inspired fare. This renowned eatery isn’t cheap, so don’t leave your credit card at home. Masa serves up delectable fare like osetra caviar and truffle ice cream. It may boast the city’s most expensive sushi, but fans of the restaurant swear it’s worth the cost. Masa regularly tops lists of best NYC restaurants owing to the ingenuity and outstanding quality of its fare. If you consider yourself a serious foodie, Masa is a must-visit eatery that offers a culinary experience you aren’t likely to forget.