10 Cool Things to See in Arches National Park

10 Cool Things to See in Arches National Park

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Arches National Park is one of the greatest places to visit in America. The park has over 2,000 arches that were created naturally from sandstone. It's bordered along the Colorado River in Utah and offers amazing opportunities for camping and luxury lodging. Arches is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and beginners alike. The views are amazing, and the exploration is endless. There are way more than ten cool things to see in Arches National Park. Other natural formations such as balanced rocks and giant pinnacles are displayed by nature to enjoy.


01Landscape Arch


Landscape Arch is one of the more popular arches in the park. It is known to be the longest arch in the world spanning 290 feet. The impressive arch has been thinning out in recent years with massive chunks falling to the ground. It is for this reason that visitors aren't allowed under the arch any longer, but there are plenty of trails that lead to great viewing opportunities of the arch.

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02Delicate Arch


Delicate Arch is a 60 ft piece of stone that looks like it could have been carved on purpose as a gateway to somewhere special. It is one of the most used images of the park and the state of Utah. There is a road through the park where many arches can be viewed. However, you have to leave the car to see this beauty. The hike to view it up close and personal is 3 miles round trip. It's worth it as you will also get to see a wall of Indian petroglyphs. The trail is uphill so considered the heat and take caution if your fitness level is not up to par.

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03Double O Arch


The Double O Arch is the second biggest in the park. You can guess from the name that it involves a combination of two arches. One is 71 ft wide on top of a more modest arch of 21 ft. The trek to get to this area is not an easy one and should be done by experienced hikers only. The trail is very rugged and has drop-offs on both sides. If heights are an issue for you, you definitely want to skip this one!

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04Fiery Furnace


Fiery Furnace is a large area of sandstone canyons, arches, and fins within the park. The area is for confident hikers only as it is made up of narrow passageways between walls and steep inclines. In fact, you can't just visit the area on your own. Visitors can only enter the area after obtaining a hiking permit from the visitor center. It is highly recommended that first-time hikers take a ranger-guided tour of the area.

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05Balanced Rock


Balanced Rock is another very popular feature of the park. The massive natural sculpture certainly earns its place as one of 10 cool things to see in Arches National Park. It sits close to the main road, so it is easily accessed. It stands 128 ft tall and looks like a rock that's balancing perfectly on a stand. Someday erosion will, unfortunately, knock this wonder off its stand. There used to be two rocks, and in the winter of 1976, it toppled to the ground. If it's something you want to see, there's no time like the present!

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06The Windows


The Windows is a large section of the park that is completely breathtaking. An extremely large grouping of arches set in front of gorgeous mountain views and other views of the park. The section is easily accessed from the main road. It's a great area for hiking, sightseeing, photography, and picnicking. The hike to get to the area is not strenuous at all, so it's easy for all skill levels to enjoy.

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07Devils Garden


Devils Garden is the area where hiking enthusiasts from all over the world come for adventure. It's considered the premier area of the park containing many of the wonders people want to explore. This is the area you will find arches like Landscape and Double O. There are miles and miles of hiking trails and a day use area with picnic tables. Visitors can even stay overnight or a few days at the Devils Garden Campground.

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08Skyline Arch


Skyline Arch is another impressive arch spanning the skyline of the park. Erosion formed the arches and that continues making it so that they are always changing. In 1940 a huge rock crumbled to the ground making the hole in the arch nearly twice its size. The arch can be seen a couple of ways. A short and easy hike on a well-groomed trail from the main road will get you there. You can always drive to Devils Garden Campground for an even easier and closer look.

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09Sand Dune Arch


Sand Dune Arch lives up to its name with a blanket of red sand resembling a beautiful beach all around it. The arch is shaded most of the day and is a great place to sit and really enjoy the area. It is near another arch known as Broken Arch. Devils Garden Campground can easily access the two areas. The trails are a bit challenging with a slot canyon and some steep grades.

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10Double Arch


Double Arch is like the others in its name says it all. It looks like a manmade art project of two imperfect arches meshed together in a funky display. It is located within The Windows area of the park. The trailhead to reach it is accessed easily from the main road. The trail to get to the arch is very short and surrounded by many other sights to enjoy.

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