If beautiful sights, historic places and a big dose of Americana sound good, then a visit to Kansas is exactly what you need. Kansas is located in the heart of the United States and is home to beautiful natural structures, historic landmarks, and a well-kept past. There are zoos and nature reserves for the animal lover in you. Museums abound to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Historic sites and famous landmarks are everywhere. There are aquatic and adventure parks for the young and young-at-heart. With so many things to do in Kansas, it’s the perfect place for your next vacation.

01Monument Rocks and Castle Rock

Do in Kansas, Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks and Castle Rock are together known as the eighth wonder of Kansas. Amazingly, they are made of chalk. Both sets of structures are as tall as 70 feet, which adds to their wonderment. They have interesting formations and are absolutely breathtaking to see. Located in Gove County, Kansas, Monument Rocks and Castle Rock are two of the can’t-miss things to do in Kansas.