The Salem Witch Trials might still haunt the old seaside town of Salem, Massachusetts, but the so-called “Witch City” is so much more than just witches. It’s a city rich with history, otherworldly entertainment, spectacular shopping, and excellent dining and nightlife options. With quaint cobblestone streets bumping against quirky old buildings, Salem casts a spell on its visitors with a surprise around every corner. Best of all, it’s walkable. No matter what you squeeze into your visit, the opportunities to have a wicked good time are truly endless.


01Get spooked at the Salem Witch Museum

Most locals would agree that no first-timer’s visit to The Witch City is complete without a spell in the Salem Witch Museum. From stage sets to tours exploring the 1692 Salem Witch Trials that put Salem on the map worldwide, you will learn a lot about the city, including a bit about witchcraft in the modern era. Sure, the special effects might be a little dated—the booming voiceover during the presentation is Vincent Price’s voice on tape—but that’s all part of its enduring allure.

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