Orlando is famous for Disney World and Universal Studios, but that isn’t all there is to this city. Families can enjoy fun and hands-on learning experiences at nature preserves, resorts, museums, and much more. Even if you skip the amusement parks, Orlando provides a full itinerary of family-friendly things to do.

01Challenge the Heights of Citrus Tower

A tower overlooking an orange grove Grant Faint / Getty Images

If your kids aren’t afraid of heights, or if they’re willing to challenge that fear, take them on one of Orlando’s older attractions. Citrus Tower is a 226-foot-tall structure where visitors take an elevator to the top to enjoy a panoramic view of the orange groves and Orlando. All ages will surely be amused by the coin drop, where you can drop a coin to the bottom and hear the sound echo back up to you. The lobby includes a museum and a gift shop, and the tower itself is near the Presidents Hall of Fame.