New Jersey might be one of the smallest states in the country, but it’s jam-packed with attractions, historical sites, and national parks. Its proximity to New York also makes it a premier and much more cost-effective place to have a summer vacation to the Big City. Not only that, but the state itself has loads of opportunities to make your trip memorable. From the spectacular Atlantic City to the dense wonder of the Pine Barrens, there are a lot of things to do in New Jersey you might not have even thought of.


01Try a Fat Sandwich

If you're not sure what a fat sandwich is, it's time to give yourself a day off from any diet to go to New Jersey and try one. Fat sandwiches are a staple of NJ culture; they've supplied tourists, locals, and university students with cheap and delicious food for years. In fact, they're so renowned that past president Barack Obama gave them a shoutout during a speech. Home to the fat sandwich is RU Hungry, the answer to which should always be yes.

Fat sandwich EzumeImages / Getty Images