If you’re looking to travel to a place that could very well be a fairytale kingdom, there’s no better option than Prague. Prague is an astoundingly historical city with most of its heritage preserved rather than overtaken by modernism. Easily rivaling some of the most beautiful cities in Europe, there is more to the gem of the Czech Republic than meets the eye. With its winding, medieval streets and exceptional architecture, you’d be a fool not to be touched as soon as you set foot there.


01Drink some of Prague’s delicious beer

Belgium might be a mainstay for delicious, European beer, but Prague is right up there with it. Ask any Czech, and they'll tell you that their beer is the best in the world. Order a pint, and you'll be in full agreement with them in one or two sips. There are breweries and bars all over the city, with some of the best being hidden away for you to find. If you're a beer drinker, you'll never be the same. If not, you might as well try one anyway. After all, it's as they say: When in Rome. Or, well, Prague.

prague rooftops borchee / Getty Images