A key destination in Southern California's wine country, the Temecula Valley is full of picturesque vineyards producing some of the world's tastiest wines. The valley's linchpin town of Temecula has a preserved historic downtown that pays homage to the California Gold Rush. Both the town and entire valley provide fun activities for travelers of all ages, not just those old enough to imbibe.


01Old Town Temecula

For a taste of the Gold Rush era, Old Town Temecula has stretches of meticulously preserved buildings from the 1800s. Meander along wooden boardwalks and walk by saloons and hotels that feel as if they could still be frequented by grizzled prospectors and frontier explorers. The town also has an abundance of antique shops, restaurants, and artisanal food stores aimed at visitors looking to immerse themselves in the region's rustic culture.

Rustic Old Town Temecula is reminiscent of the 1880s golden age of the West. Ron and Patty Thomas / Getty Images