Mississippi is a surprisingly diverse region. It is home to plenty of quaint small towns and hip urban areas, but some of the most interesting sights are little things that are easy to overlook. This state has a long history tied to the Civil War, and other cites celebrate its contributions to the blues and rock n roll. There is even an unexpectedly beautiful seashore to explore. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or looking for a nice place to relax on the beach, Mississippi has something for you.


01Drive the Mississippi Great River Road

The Great River Road follows the length of the Mississippi River, which runs through ten states including Louisiana and Wisconsin, but there's a lot to see on the Mississippi section of the journey. The scenic drive takes you along the western border, through more than 300 years of southern history, passing antebellum homes and fields of rice, cotton, and soybeans.

zodebala / Getty Images