New York, New York. It’s a city loved by many -- but it can cost a pretty penny if you want to spend any time there. Most visitors suffer from some degree of sticker shock soon after arrival. Guess what -- there are plenty of spectacular sights to see and things to do in New York without spending a dime. Stop waiting in long lines to buy tickets for overpriced tours, and seek out the hidden gems this world-class city has to offer, without opening your wallet!


01Explore Central Park

Okay, we know city parks are free to explore anyway, and New York is dotted with almost two thousand of them, both big and small. The iconic Central Park in Manhattan is the most famous, and it’s certainly no exception. But did you know that New York’s largest park is chock full of free events, statues to take selfies with, and sites like Strawberry Fields, with tributes to John Lennon near the hotel where he was assassinated? Not only that, but the Central Park Conservancy gives free guided tours of the park, including an introductory glimpse of the North Woods, a rustic retreat which will make you forget you’re smack dab in the middle of a major city.

Central Park Sean Pavone / Getty Images