Guyana is a small country located in the northern part of South America, nestled between Suriname and Venezuela. It's also the only English-speaking country on the continent. The local Amerindians also speak Creole, a mix of English, African, Arawakan, and Dutch. This beautiful jungle-rich country has increased its safe tourism and is relatively inexpensive to travel through, but travelers are advised to seek the guidance of local tour operators.

01Explore Georgetown

Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, is full of colorful Caribbean culture. Be sure to visit Stabroek Square; it's a lively place to learn the local culture, try new foods, and buy souvenirs. If you're looking for a fancy boutique hotel experience, try Cara Lodge, known for being the best hotel in Georgetown. For a less expensive option, try the Armoury Villa Hostel, located just outside the city center. A middle-range option would be the Guyana Marriott Hotel, which has an outdoor pool.