Australia and New Zealand are countries that are rich with natural phenomena and human creativity. Eons of erosion, the Earth's molten core bubbling up near the crust, the beauty of nature, and many more factors have created countless inspirational destinations in these Oceania nations. Whether your sense of adventure takes you to the sea or land, Australia and New Zealand are full of life-changing destinations that you need to visit.


01Visit Australia's Most Iconic Building, the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece that inspires awe in anyone who sees it. In 1957, Jørn Utzon won a competition to design the Opera House with his distinctive design. Every year, it attracts millions of visitors to admire the structure and watch the performances within. The Sydney Opera House is such an impressive sight that it earned UNESCO World Heritage status in 2007.

The Sydney Opera House Mlenny / Getty Images