Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a vast city with a long history. Travelers will find dozens of activities and attractions to choose from. It's not possible to see everything in one trip. Several places are on the must-see list of attractions in the Spanish city. From museums and art galleries to well-groomed parks and historic destinations, such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, Madrid has something for visitors of all ages.


01Enjoy a Day at Retiro Park

Parque del Buen Retiro or Retiro Park is a 300-acre 18th-century park that was once a private part of Felipe IV's palace and gardens. Located in the center of the capital city, it's one of the largest parks in Madrid. Residents and tourists regularly visit the beautiful park with lakes, lush green fields, and formal gardens such as the Rosaleda or Rose Garden that features over 4,000 roses.

The Man-made Retiro Lake is open for rowboat rentals in the summer. Visitors who prefer to stay on land can enjoy a stroll through the Paseo de la Argentina or the Statue Walk which is lined with statues of people from Spain's royal past.