The days of 99-cent shrimp cocktails and midnight shows by the Rat Pack are long gone, but those legendary bits of old-school Sin City have given way to a new era jam-packed with celebrity chefs, adrenaline-boosting rides and enough jaw-dropping sights to keep your Instagram feed stocked for months. Las Vegas has a reputation for glitz, glamour and tons of gambling, but that’s not all you’ll find in this fun-filled desert oasis. From traipsing along the world-famous Strip to breathtaking vistas on this side of the Mississippi, there’s more to Las Vegas than meets the eye.


01The ‘Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Iconic, vibrant and immensely popular, this is the sign of all signs in a city filled with them. You can find it right on Las Vegas Boulevard (aka “The Strip”) near Mandalay Bay where it’s been holding court for more than 70 years. Look for the huge crowds lined up on the grassy median, find a place to park and wait for your turn to snap a photo that proves you’ve been to Vegas and lived to tell the tale.