The beautiful mountain backdrop and open areas in Colorado Springs bring a wide range of opportunities for visitors of all ages. More than 50 attractions including trains, outdoor adventures, and restaurants create limitless possibilities for fun!


01Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is perhaps one of the most well know areas in Colorado Springs and for a good reason. The largest summit in the United States reaches 14,115 feet Pikes Peak and lies southwest of Colorado Springs by approximately 12 miles. A National Historic Landmark and sitting in the Pike National Forest, it belongs to a classification of mountains in Colorado called ‘Fourteeners” because it is over 14,000 feet tall. There are 53 of these mountains in all throughout Colorado. Those choosing to visit Pikes Peak can hike, mountain bike and even drive making it easy for everyone to enjoy. Wildlife is all around and often easy to spot with animals such as bighorn sheep, bear and mountain line. Wildflowers and trees provide enjoyable scenery throughout the journey.

ninitta / Getty Images