Amsterdam is one of the most exciting and progressive cities in Europe, but it also retains elements of a culture reaching back over a thousand years. Businesspeople, backpacking students, families, and tourists will all find enough activities and sights to keep them busy every day of their trip. Whether you're Avante Garde or old school, Amsterdam has plenty to offer. The following list is just a sample of the fascinating things to do in Amsterdam.

01Bike Around the City

bike friendly Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been voted the most bicycle-friendly city in the world! Bike lanes, bike racks, and bike rentals dominate the transportation culture in this eco-friendly city. You can rent a bike from any of the dozens of bike shops, and then navigate the safe and extensive bike paths through historic districts, parks, and artistic neighborhoods. The slower pace lets you really see the city and get a feel for this exciting place.

petekarici / Getty Images