If Dublin has been hanging out on your bucket list for a while, consider moving it to the top. Not experiencing all of what Ireland’s quirky, cosmopolitan capital has to offer in your lifetime would be a tragic mistake! You’ll be overwhelmed by the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, world-class food and drink, and best of all, friendly locals who will bring a smile to your face. Don’t die before you experience a little of Dublin!


01Take a selfie with The Spire of Dublin

As soon as you arrive in Dublin, you’ll notice an extremely tall needle-like monument that looks like it’s scraping against the sky. This is the Spire of Dublin, which towers 390 feet above O’Connell Street. It’s also known as the Monument of Light because on sunny days the stainless steel structure seems to glow, and it’s lit up by an external spotlight at night -- a beacon of light for all in Dublin to see.

Spire of Dublin pawel.gaul / Getty Images