Phoenix is a growing urban metropolis that rises out of the desert. A rich blend of frontier history and modern flair, the city is one of the foremost centers of art and culture in the American Southwest. If contemporary art and night clubs are your thing, or if you'd love to learn about local history and the universe, it's hard to imagine a better place in this corner of the world than Phoenix.

01Take a tour of Tovrea Castle

The historic Tovrea Castle in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the city's Points of Pride.

The Tovrea Castle is one of the most peculiar and iconic destinations you can find in Phoenix. Once a luxury resort, it's now become part of the Arizona parks system. Despite being located in the heart of the city, its frontier charm remains thanks to forty-four acres of preserved desert that surround it. The castle stands at the tallest point of the hilly area, ringed by cactuses and oblivious to the passage of time.