Most people may not think of Texas when they are planning a beach getaway, but the island city of Galveston has more than 30 miles of beachfront coastline. Located about 50 miles southeast of Houston on the Gulf Coast, Galveston is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the state, with seven million people visiting its shores each year. Whether you’re looking for some weekend downtime or planning an all-out vacation experience, you’ll love Galveston's beaches.

01The Seawall

hurricanes galveston seawall Jesse Stephens / Getty Images

In 1902, the leaders of Galveston built a seawall to protect its residents from hurricanes. Through the years, the city has made improvements to the wall, and local children painted sea life murals to decorate it. The Seawall now extends 10 miles along the coastline and reaches 17 feet in height. The sidewalk on top of the Seawall is the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Parking is available along Seawall Boulevard. Visitors will find beautiful, well-maintained, scenic beach areas as well as a great selection of restaurants nearby.