It may be the smallest country in the Caribbean, but the twin-island federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis rivals other tropical destinations with its gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and authentic cultural experiences. A narrow two-mile-wide strait separates the two islands. Saint Kitts is the larger, more developed of the two islands. Nevis is quieter and offers a laid-back atmosphere. The beaches are never crowded. There may not be as many restaurants on the tiny island of Nevis, but you’ll have no problem finding authentic, delicious cuisine on the island. Despite the country’s small size, there is no shortage of luxurious accommodations. There are historical sites, festivals, beaches, four beautiful golf courses, cricket matches, water sports, and miles of hiking and biking opportunities. Saint Kitts is also the home of the oldest British settlement in the Caribbean, Old Road, dating back to 1624.

01Saint Kitts Scenic Railway

The scenic railway on the island of St Kitts with the island of Nevis in the distance

It may sound a bit touristy for your liking, but this scenic excursion is anything but that. Open-air, double-decked rail cars provide panoramic views of lush island vistas, magnificent coastlines, and historic sugar plantations for the first 18 miles of the 30-mile trip. Travelers then jump on a sightseeing bus for 12 miles to complete the circle around the island. Sip on complimentary drinks while being serenaded by a trio of acapella musicians singing Caribbean folk songs.