One of the largest countries in the world, Russia has a large selection of attractions for visitors and locals to explore. Steeped in history from ancient and recent times, Russia has an abundance of sites to see, but there’s much more to the country than its past. In recent years, Russia has become a popular tourist destination, and with good reason. You can travel on epic train rides, visit spectacular natural wonders, skate on scenic frozen ponds, view architectural marvels, and enjoy the liveliness of vodka-fueled nightlife.


01The Armoury

At the Kremlin, you will love exploring The Armoury, which dates to 1511. Vasily III founded the building to make and store weapons, regalia, and imperial arms for the royal court. In later times, The Armoury also manufactured jewelry, embroidery, and icon frames. Today, you can explore the dark nooks and crannies of this historic site and ogle dazzling treasures for yourself.

Kremlin in Moscow at Sunset Twilight Russia Mlenny / Getty Images