Finding the perfect vacation spot is a challenge. Some people want an adventure while others search for relaxation. One person might want good food while another wants to go beyond restaurants and tourist attractions. No matter what you look for in a travel destination, Sierra Leone has it. Its windswept, breathtaking beaches and exotic wildlife are amazing, but it also has an incredible mix of cultures that influences its music, food, and drinks. In many ways, Sierra Leone is West Africa’s best-kept secret, making it a perfect location for any aspiring traveler.


01Socialize at Tea Time

Freetown is a dynamic celebration of different cultures and lifestyles and nothing reflects this better than the legendary ataya tea. Originally, ataya referred to a Senegalese tea ceremony involving an intricate method of preparing tea and encouraging socialization during the process. In Sierra Leone, ataya is an extremely powerful tea that has a surprisingly large following. Just like we might flock to our favorite cafes, people in Sierra Leone gather at roadside ataya bases to enjoy companionship, bond over shared troubles and get the energy they need for the busy day ahead.

gunpowder tea ataya YinYang / Getty Images