The small Central-European nation of Slovenia is situated on the northern banks of the glittering Adriatic Sea. Located in the Julian Alps, Slovene lands and culture are ancient, but the modern nation of Slovenia has only existed since 1991 after it declared its independence during the disintegration of Yugoslavia. Today, the country is celebrated for its mountainous terrain, which attracts skiers from all over the world, and its rich culture that’s been heavily influenced by neighboring countries like Italy and Hungary.



Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and is easily one of Europe’s greenest capitals. The nation has banned auto traffic in the city center, making it a wonderful area to explore on foot or by bicycle. Ljubljana features a myriad of attractions of its own such as its Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the iconic Dragon Bridge, its historic castle and dungeon, the 19th century Triple Bridge, and its bustling outdoor Central Market. If you’re traveling with kids, check out the Ljubljana Zoo, which displays more than 500 animals. The city is an ideal place to spend time owing to its plethora of hotels, cafes, museums, theatres, and restaurants.

Picturesque Ljubljana with a view of the Triple Bridge. Mlenny / Getty Images