Waco barely makes the list of top-25 cities in Texas population-wise but offers quite a bit to the visitor to this city of roughly 130,000. Waco offers a number of indoor and outdoor attractions to visitors from the Dr. Pepper museum to a number of unique parks, museums and nature reserves peppered about the city. This Texas city is as welcoming as it is beautiful and underrated in the grand scheme of things.


01Waco Suspension Bridge

The Waco Suspension Bridge was the first to cross the Brazos River and today is the oldest suspension bridge in Texas. Now pedestrian-only, the bridge forms part of the Waco Riverwalk, which consists of a 7-mile trail that loops across the Brazos River. If you don't feel like hiking, you can take a short stroll over the bridge itself or relax and take in the natural beauty of Indian Spring Park and Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, which flank the bridge on either side of the river.

Waco Texas, Historic Suspension Bridge