Located on the island of Honshu, Osaka is Japan’s second largest city. Although it is not known for its natural beauty, Osaka has made a name for itself with its exceptional food, historic landmarks, and progressive culture. Celebrated for its diverse cuisine, Osaka has a huge variety of specialty dishes tourists can sample. There’s more to Osaka than food, though. In between meals you can visit museums, temples, and landmarks or go shopping. Looking for a more memorable trip? The Sumo Spring Grand Tournament and the Tenjin Matsuri Festival are two exciting events that take place in the city.

01Explore Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle, Osaka lkunl / Getty Images

The original Osaka Castle was built in the 1500s by General Toyotomi Hideyoshi to display his power after successfully uniting Japan. The castle stands looming over the area and is surrounded by a mote and fruit trees. Visit the castle in the spring to see an Instagram-worthy display of blooming flowers. The castle itself was rebuilt in the 1930s, but the inside is home to a display of art and artifacts from the 16th and 17th century.