At its core, Moscow is as culturally relevant and exciting to visit as any of the other big cities in Europe. Home to 13.2 million residents and with one of the largest economies in the world, it’s also a city that is often misrepresented. Architecturally, Moscow is unlike any city in the world. From the Imperial State Historical Museum to the Iberian Gate and the towering Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow’s history is built into its very core. There is simply so much to see in Moscow, Russia; all of which are reasons you need to visit.


01Ride the Moscow Metro

This might sound like a given, but you haven’t seen a metro system until you’ve witnessed Moscow’s. Although you might find yourself using the system most days, it's very important that you open your eyes. The Moscow Metro makes for a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to get around this stunning city. However, its stations are also so extravagant that it's like having an underground museum filled with treasure. Some of the best examples of Metro architecture include the Baroque-themed ceiling of Komsomolskaya Station, Ploshchad Revolyutsii's impeccable socialist sculptures, and the Cathedralesque Novoslobodskaya. And these are just a few. If you visit the stations between 11 am to 2 pm or after 10 pm, you'll also be able to make the most of your time and take in everything.

Moscow Metro Komsomolskaya Station scaliger / Getty Images