If you appreciate amazing culture, beautiful scenery, and a rich historical setting, Spain is your perfect travel destination. It touches both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans. Because of that, Spain provides an eclectic mix of fun and wonderment. There are breathtaking beaches and diverse landscapes. Various animals and flora abound. The culture and people are colorful and fun. The architecture of its buildings is astounding. With so many amazing things to do in Spain, it’s time you treat yourself to what is fast becoming the world’s most popular getaway location.


01Get a Taste of Royalty at Palacio Real (Royal Palace)

Start big on your quest for awesome things to do in Spain with a visit to the Royal Palace. The Spanish royal family no longer lives there, but it is still used for ceremonial functions. There you will see a large collection of fine art and beautiful furnishings that will delight you. The Royal Armoury is one of the world’s largest and best collections. In it are displays of the full armor actually used in battle by Emperor Charles V. The Palacio Real is both full of beauty and rich in history.

Wide angle of Royal Palace on a sunny day