Picture California in your mind, and you’ll likely envision a beautiful beach. With 420 public beaches along its 840-mile coastline, the state has no shortage of sun-drenched locales to enjoy. San Diego claims 17 miles of this magnificent coastline within its city limits and is home to some of the most beloved beaches in the state. Sink your toes into the warm sand and soak in the abundant sunshine and unique culture of San Diego.


01Mission Beach

A well-known spot for both fun-in-the-sun and people-watching, Mission Beach is a lively and popular destination. Not only does it offer a spectacular beachfront, but you’ll also enjoy the boardwalk, the parade of diverse restaurants, and the vibrant nightlife within walking distance of the beach. The boardwalk is also home to Belmont Park, a historic amusement park with rides, games, and a miniature golf course.

nightlife amusement park mission beach Art Wager / Getty Images