Stunning natural beauty, rich history, and progressive social values conspire to make Stockholm one of the desirable travel, and living, destinations in Scandinavia. Built on a series of islands and canals, the city has been dubbed the Venice of the North. It's cosmopolitan, with a refined dining scene, world-class art galleries, and cultural venues. Best of all, the city is made for walking and cycling across bridges and through neighborhoods that have been largely preserved with architectural styles from as far back as the 1200s.


01Get lost in the Royal Palace

Situated right at the edge of the water, the official residence of the Swedish king is open for tours of the Royal Apartments. The 600-room complex also includes the Armoury, several museums, and the Treasury, where you can view the jewel-encrusted regalia of the royal family. If you want to see where the Queen of Sweden officially resides, visit Drottningholm or Queen's Island, a 45-minute ferry ride from downtown Stockholm.

Royal Palace In Gamla Stan, In Stockholm, Sweden.