The southern end of South America is a sparsely populated region of lush grasslands that stretch into towering mountain ranges and vast deserts. This region, Patagonia, feels like a step away from the modern world. Though there are several key cities in the area, they pale in size next to the seemingly limitless landscapes. There is no doubt that Patagonia is a region that every person should experience at least once in their life because there truly is nothing like it.


01Reserva Faunística Península Valdés

One of the most famous places in all of South America is the Unesco World Heritage site, Península Valdés. This wildlife reserve is the home of hundreds of elephant seals, sea lions, and Magellanic penguins. Fans of land animals will love the adorable llama-like guanacos and the ostrich-like rheas. The entire reserve stretches over 2000 miles and has well over 250 miles of coastline. Though viewing all of the animals is a treat, the most exceptional sight is probably the endangered southern right whale. Conservationists estimate that there are only 10,000 of these beautiful creatures left, so helping them survive is a key priority. Thankfully, many of the coasts become breeding zones for the whales between June and December, making it the perfect time to observe them.

 Magellanic Penguins at Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argentina