Off the eastern coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, is an archipelago of more than 115 islands that you don’t want to miss. Seychelles is a picturesque getaway with landscapes that can transport you back in time. Mahé is the largest island in the archipelago and it's where you'll find the capital, Victoria, which is unlike many other first cities in the world. Imagine finding a hidden escape surrounded by lush greenery straight out of a famous movie, or walking around and not remembering the last time you even heard a car, much less saw one. Those looking to escape from the hustle will be surprised at just how decadent disconnecting can be and how many opportunities there are to get back to nature.

01Veuve Natural Reserve on La Digue

Seychelles La Digue Veuve Reserve Chen Liji / Getty Images

With a population of nearly 3,000, La Digue is the third most populous island in Seychelles. With a nearly 10-mile coastline, you can have your pick of any spot to enjoy the sand. Take some time out to visit the Veuve Natural Reserve, home to the rare Seychelles paradise flycatcher, which is considered critically endangered.