Athens is a quaint and historic town in northeast Georgia. Famous for housing the University of Georgia, this college town has developed a unique music scene and a diverse artistic community. With all its distinctive character, there are tons of things to do in Athens, Georgia. Take in the history and colonial architecture, browse the antique shops, enjoy the city’s parks and gardens, or explore the rich cultural scene—Athens is yours to discover.


01Visit the T.R.R. Cobb House

Athens is a city with many historical references to the Civil War. The Antebellum Trail is a 100-mile long walk that traverses seven historic Georgian communities, including Athens, which keeps its original and unique southern architecture. If you want to explore the civil war architecture and history further, pay a visit to the T.R.R. Cobb House museum. The house is located in downtown Athens, and its museum provides an authentic example of the antebellum architecture that was so common in this part of the country.

Antebellum architecture Athens Georgia Richard Wellenberger / Getty Images