Oklahoma may be one of the youngest U.S. states, yet every part of it offers unique must-see places for history buffs and trendy travelers alike. Nature lovers will find a landscape filled with wide-open prairies, rolling green hills, and wilderness areas to explore. Oklahoma is also home to man-made and natural lakes offering a variety of water sports and recreational activities. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a sight-seeing adventure, or an array of unique shopping experiences, you’ll find a long list of things to do in Oklahoma.


01Visit the Center of the Universe

Few visitors would expect to find an acoustical vortex in downtown Tulsa. Yet, this small disc of cement at the center of a swirl of brick pavement is just that. If you stand on the disc and speak, and you’ll hear your voice echo back, but it’s much louder. Those standing outside of the circle hear a distorted version of your voice. No one has come up with a reason why this sound anomaly occurs, but many theorize the sound bounces off nearby planters. You’ll find this anomaly northwest of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and north of the giant, black metal sculpture, the 73-foot “Artificial Cloud.”

Tulsa downtown vortex digidreamgrafix / Getty Images