Victoria, British Columbia isn't just your typical Pacific Northwest city; it's one of Canada's most dynamic, beautiful, and diverse cities. It does have world-class artisan coffee, a healthy modern art culture, and a booming international food scene, yes. However, you'll also enjoy incredible urban forests, a breathtaking waterfront view, gorgeous architecture, and several monuments to First Nations people. Victoria's unique blend of local charm, amazing natural views, and multicultural influences make it one of Canada's best travel destinations.

01Stroll Down Fan Tan Alley if there's enough room

A sign advertising 'Heart's Content' can be seen down Fan Tan Alley Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

Also known as Dragon Alley, Fan Tan Alley bears the distinction of being Canada's narrowest street. It's packed full of colorful, distinct vendors and offers a pathway right into Victoria's Chinatown district. Chinatown should be on your list, as it's full of charming, family-owned shops and amazing food, courtesy of restaurants like the Forum Chinese Seafood Restaurant.