Slovakia is one of a handful of countries in Central Europe that regularly features in lists of countries with the most beautiful cities. It borders Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and is home to picture-book towns, fairytale castles, numerous churches, and lush, verdant forests. Although Slovakia is less frequented than its better-known neighbors, it's just as rich in cultural significance and stateliness. If you are planning a trip to Europe during the summer season and want to escape the crowds from Europe’s most popular tourist spots, make sure to put Slovakia on your itinerary.



Bratislava is located on the River Danube and is bordered by Austria and Hungary. The capital is situated in a densely vegetated area and consequently features numerous parks, gardens, and lakes within the city. The majority of visitors to Bratislava spend their time in Bratislava's Old Town. Its historic center has an old-world charm courtesy of its cobbled streets, pastel-colored facades, castles, cafes, and wine bars.

Bratislava - outlook form st. Martins cathedral to the castle sedmak / Getty Images