When deliberating where to travel now, you may likely have overlooked a small Alpine microstate tucked in between Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein may only be 62 square miles large but make no mistake. The economy has flourished thanks to banking, international business, and prospering industries, making it one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Liechtenstein is likewise rich in natural beauty. The towering European Alps keep watch over picturesque villages and rolling green valleys, eventually resting their gaze upon the mighty Rhine river. In the capital city of Vaduz, modern architecture accents the charm of classical buildings still standing. In the Alpine villages, tradition is a reminder of their agrarian heritage. You can do Liechtenstein in a day, but why sell yourself short when this tiny country is bursting with life and culture waiting to be discovered?


01Enjoy a Panoramic View Fit for a Prince

Vaduz's unique blend of modern and traditional design and values reminds citizens of how much their country has prospered without compromising their heritage. Visit the Prince's castle, perched on a hillside overlooking the entirety of Liechtenstein and the upper Rhine Valley. Visitors are welcome to hike to the viewpoint next to the fairytale castle for jaw-dropping views. You may not be able to tour the royal home's interior, but you can experience the magnificent view for free.

Every August 15, the castle grounds are opened to the public for Liechtenstein's National Day. Attendees can mingle with other partygoers and enjoy complimentary beer and an appearance by the Prince himself.

Castle Vaduz, the residence of the prince of Liechtenstein dirkbaltrusch / Getty Images