The hinge of New England, Vermont is known for its glowing red and orange fall foliage. It’s no secret that the Green Mountain State is a gloriously beautiful one, but it’s also so much more than just three months out of the year. Although Halloween in Vermont is the picturesque, American vision of the holiday and pumpkins on doorsteps make for the true, fall feeling, there are so many more things to do in Vermont than you might realize.


01See Vermont’s Only Castle

Built in 1867, Wilson Castle is a large home in Proctor which is also home to the Vermont Marble Museum. Its red brick facade stands out from the lustful green trees that surround it during the summer and is one of the only castles in the United States. In previous years, the building fell into disregard, but thanks to new owners, it has now been brought back to life. Open daily to visitors between May and October; you can either take a tour or tour it yourself. Either way, be sure to ask the guides about the resident spirits.

welcome to vermont state sign DenisTangneyJr / Getty Images